Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors ?Make It Rain? Commercial w/ Fat Joe

It?s time again for the Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week. Easterns went with a Grammy nominated rapper for this commercial by the name of Fat Joe. Many know of Fat Joe from his notable hits, ?Lean Back?, ?Make It Rain?, and most recently ?All The Way Up?. Aside from Biz Markie, Fat Joe is the only other rapper that has had his own Easterns commercial. They chose to base the commercial around his hit at the time which was ?Make It Rain? featuring Lil Wayne. In the commercial, Fat Joe jokes with the salesman about the wipers not working. The salesman jokes back with Fat Joe about making it rain while having Fat Joe?s song playing in the background. Genius! Easterns was able to snag Fat Joe very soon after the song released back in 2007. According to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), ?Make It Rain? went platinum selling over 1 millon records. Fat Joe also always made it known that he had a love for cars so it made perfect sense to collaborate. The people of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community welcomed Fat Joe with open arms when they saw that he was on board with Easterns. Watch this clip to see Fat Joe and Easterns making history.