Pay It Forward: Easterns and Fox 5 help hairstylist to continue providing free haircuts to homeless

As the holiday season approaches, the importance of giving back and helping others is so very important. Although it?s important to give back year round, people sometimes need that extra boost during the colder months to overcome any obstacles that they are facing. Pay It Forward partners Easterns and Fox 5 DC have come together once again to help someone who is doing generous and amazing deeds in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. For this edition of Pay It Forward, the two selected hair stylist, Laura Faehner Reed. Reed provides free haircuts to the homeless of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Reed has been busy helping out in her very own community for quite some time. The original reason that she started providing free haircuts was to boost the confidence of the homeless and provide a stepping stone to help them get on their feet. ?Some of them have job interviews and some of them already have jobs and just can?t afford haircuts.? Reed told Fox 5. It?s very important to let these people know that they haven?t been forgotten. Many people that are homeless don?t want to be there they are but have no choice at the moment. Some people have just simply made bad decisions but want to turn their life around, be happy, and prosper on to bigger and better things. Reed has a tremendous impact on those that she does help. The level of compassion she shows is remarkable because she knows that being homeless could happen to herself or anyone.

When Reed is not volunteering her time and talent, she is hard at work at 4&Co Salon in Rockville, Maryland and Ricks Chop Shop in Mount Airy, Maryland. She asks her clients for small donations as well as products to help her provide the free haircuts and shaves. Easterns and Fox 5 DC were blown away by her selflessness and her amazing generosity to the community. The two teamed up to help Pay It Forward by providing Reed with a bulk supply of non-perishable foods, $500 in gift cards for supplies, a towel steamer, as well as a gift certificate for personal spa day. It will be great for Reed to treat herself since she is always treating others. Click here to follow Reed on social media to keep up with her amazing efforts. Click here to donate to her Go Fund Me page as she?s currently collecting money to purchase winter clothes for the homeless.

Easterns Automotive Group has partnered with FOX 5 DC to help honor people in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community who go above and beyond the call. If you know someone worthy if being recognized, Click here to nominate them.

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