Redskins Rides ? Daniel and Jesse show off both of their 1963 Chevy Impalas at Redskins Park

Hello, beautiful people! This week, we have doubled the fun for you all. Of course that means we have another edition of Redskins Rides but we have two amazing rides this time. We recently met with both Daniel and Jesse at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia to see their awesome cars. They both own a 1963 Chevy Impala but they are both different from each other yet unique in their own way. Daniel purchased his 1963 Impala convertible back in 2005 and is a member of Individuals Car Club of Woodbridge, Virginia. He found the car in Ontario, Canada and brought it to the DMV area where he has been working on it ever since. The teal metallic paint job with the custom paint designs definitely separates this Impala from the rest. The part of this Impala that really makes it stand on its own is the custom aircraft hydraulic system that Daniel had installed in the trunk.

Jesse has owned his fire engine red Chevy Impala for about 12 years. The car caught on fire last year causing him to have to re-do the entire vehicle all over again. Like Daniel, his Redskins Ride also has a hydraulic system. He discussed the excitement that people have when they see the car on hydraulics. Most people have only seen hydraulics on television so it?s definitely quite amazing to see in person. Originally, Jesse?s plan was just to have the car painted plain red. The painter showed Jesse some custom paint panels that he just couldn?t decline. It all worked out in the end because you definitely won?t see another Impala like it. Amazing rides, fellas! We want to thank this gentleman for giving us an exclusive look at their rides. Stay tuned for many more Redskins Rides in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community.