John shows off his 2016 Subaru WRX to Chris Thompson of the Washington Football Team

We?re back this week to bring you the latest edition of Redskins Rides presented by Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors) and the Washington Redskins. Chris Thompson of the Redskins was recruited to speak to Maryland resident, John regarding his custom Redskins Ride. John is the proud owner of a custom 2016 Subaru WRX. Everything on the car is custom, which makes it very unique. The reason that John made modifications to his WRX is because he wanted a car that would be perfect for off-roading, drag racing, and of course every day use. The custom paint job on his WRX definitely has a burgundy/red undertone that is reminiscent of colors of the Redskins jersey. The racing seats definitely give the car that Need for Speed and Fast and Furious feeling. John told Thompson that one of his favorite customizations on this car is the custom Maryland flag mud flaps. It?s very apparent that John takes a lot of pride in being a Maryland resident. People ask him all the time how fast his car can go but he prefers for them to see for themselves out on the track. You definitely can?t go wrong when combining amazing cars with the Washington Redskins. Incredible Subaru, John! We want to thank this gentleman for giving us an exclusive look at his ride. Stay tuned for many more Redskins Rides in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community.

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