Dr. Hardnett shows off his 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider to Dustin Hopkins of the Washington Football Team

It?s week 7 of the Redskins Rides segment presented by the Washington Redskins along with Easterns Automotive Group (Eastern Motors). For this segment, Easterns recruited Dustin Hopkins who is a placebacker for the Redskins. Hopkins? drive both on and off the field made him a perfect fit for the role. The special candidate for this edition of Redskins Rides is Dr. Hardnett, the owner of Effective Integrative Healthcare in Maryland. Hopkins met up with Dr. Hardnett at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia. Dr. Hardnett is the proud owner of a white 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider with bronze colored wheels and a beautiful burgundy interior is identical to the Redskins color. He traded in his Bentley Continental GT Coupe that was formerly owned by the late, great Sean Taylor. Dr. Hardnett also got rid of his original dream car which is the Nissan GTR in order to get the amazing Ferrari 458 that he owns today. This is truly a Redskins Ride because the color of the interior is identical to the color of the Redskins jerseys. Dr. Hardnett has clearly been a Redskins fan for years and it?s quite evident by not only his knowledge of cars but his attire while he?s on the field with Hopkins. You will definitely double take when you see this quick Ferrari speeding by. We would like to thank Dr. Hardnett for not only his time but for showing off and sharing his amazing vehicle with us. It?s amazing to meet our supports and give them an opportunity as well as a platform to showcase their amazing vehicles. Stay tuned for more Redskins Rides!