Bill and Debbie show off their 1920?s Ford Model T Speedster to Chris Thompson of the Washington Football Team

We?re back again for week 6 of the Redskins Rides segment presented by Easterns Automotive Group along with the Washington Redskins. This week?s segment was conducted by Chris Thompson who a running back for the Redskins. He had the pleasure of speaking with Bill and Debbie who own a 1923 Ford Model T Speedster. Anyone that knows anything about cars knows how special and significant that the Model T is to the automotive world. The Ford Model T was named the most influential car of the 29th century in the 1999 Car of the Century competition. Bill and Debbie have a cream colored Model T that is in immaculate condition. The car only has three pedals for going forward, reverse, and breaking. It is gravity fed meaning that pressure riser only has to be used going up a hill. The pressure riser is what forces the fuel to the carburetor. These two have such a unique vehicle because it definitely is something that you don?t see on the road every day. It fits the definition of an antique car perfectly and will definitely make you turn your head when you see it. We would like to thank both Bill and Debbie for sharing their special ride with us. Please stay tuned for more Redskins Rides!