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Buying a New vs. Used Car

People from all across the world share the same struggle when it comes to deciding to buy a new or used car. Everyone has their own reason and opinion as to which option is better for their situation. While both options have pros and cons, the choice itself is really subjective. It really depends on that particular person?s finances and what exactly they are looking to get out of a vehicle. The best choices are made when you weigh out the pros and cans to see which option will accommodate your lifestyle.

Depreciation is the Name of the Game

Purchasing a used car is clearly the cheaper option but there are also advantages to buying used. When you purchase a used car, your insurance rate is going to be cheaper. According to Nerd Wallet, this is because a vehicle costs less to insure when it is worth less. The prices of used cars are tremendously lower than buying new due to depreciation. For example, you may be able to buy a used Mercedes-Benz for the price of a brand new Chrysler. It really depends on what you want as a customer. Many times people say that used cars aren?t reliable that is the furthest thing from the truth. Reliability of a used car truly depends on the mileage and how well the last owner took care of the vehicle. Cars these days typically reach over 100,000 miles before needing major repairs. The major factor is the basic maintenance such as oil changes, brakes, and tire rotation. These visits are good because mechanics can also check for other issues and to see if anything strikes them as alarming. Think of an oil change as a check-up at the doctor. It?s needed to make sure everything is running smoothly. A major disadvantage to buying used is that there is usually no warranty due to the factory warranty running out. This means that any and all repairs are on you as a customer. It is recommended to get any used car checked out by a mechanic before purchasing. Mechanics will check overall vehicle condition and look for potential problems that could cost you in the long run.

In the perfect world, everyone wants to purchase a brand new car. There are several advantages to buying new such as the latest technology and safety features. Technology is changing so fast that a car even 1 or 2 years old won?t have the same features as a brand new car. Car manufactures also constantly try to improve the fuel efficiency in their vehicles. The same vehicle may now have 10 more miles per gallon than it did in the previous years. Fuel efficiency is important because customers want to save money at the pump. There is a peace of mind that customers have knowing that their new vehicle doesn?t have any wear and tear or prior unresolved issues. New vehicles come standard with a factory warranty which covers at least the first three years or 36,000 miles. U.S. News made a great point in that buying a new car is easier than buying used. This is very true because any dealership is bound to have an entire inventory of new cars with different models and colors for all different price ranges. People love having the most options possible. Car manufactures are quite aware of this and always advertise finance and lease deals and incentives new vehicles. These are deals that won?t be found on a used vehicle.

Many customers decision to purchase new or used falls somewhere in between the two. At Easterns Automotive Group, we understand the needs of our customers. Easterns has 5 locations and has served the Maryland, DC, and Virginia communities for over 30 years and has sold over 100,000 certified used vehicles. These cars are relatively new cars with low mileage that have been handpicked by professionals. Every Easterns vehicle has passed a rigorous multi-point certification check so you can buy with confidence. Our vast inventory includes over 1000 cars with clean CarFax reports and one owner vehicles. Customers can experience the feel of a newer car without exactly paying the price of a brand new car. We have a friendly customer care staff that handles any pre or post sales questions that you may have, and that is why Easterns has over a 97% approval rating. You can get pre approved for finance right from your own home. We invite you to come into an Easterns store, call, or chat online today and experience firsthand what we mean by the Easterns difference!