Rod and his sons show off their souped-up Ford F-650 Ryan Kerrigan of the Washington Football Team

We?re back again with another segment of Redskins Rides presented by the Washington Redskins and Easterns Automotive Group.? For this week?s segment, Easterns thought it was only right to recruit not only a Washington Redskins player but also a member of their very own All Star Team.? They selected Ryan Kerrigan who is the linebacker for the Redskins who has also starred in several commercials for Eastern Motors.? Kerrigan met up with Rod and his two sons at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Virginia to discuss his amazing ride.? Rod has a 2005 Ford F-650 5.9-liter Cummins engine and an Allison transmission. He is an avid Redskins fan that converted this truck into a Redskins Ride about five years ago when he purchased it.? The truck is complete with a custom burgundy paint job to match the team colors and also two large Redskins flags that hang on the back pick-up portion of the truck.? This huge loud truck will definitely make you turn your head it drives by.? We would like to thank Rod and his two sons for taking the time to show off and discuss their souped-up truck with Kerrigan. ?It?s such a joy to meet amazing fans and give them an opportunity and platform to share their amazing vehicles.? Stay tuned for more Redskins Rides!