Craig and Robert show off their 1963 Corvette to Chris Thompson of the Washington Football Team

We?re back for the second week of the Redskins Rides segment that the Washington Redskins and Easterns have partnered up for. For this segment, Easterns recruited Chris Thompson who is a running back for the Redskins. Chris met up with Craig and Robert to talk to them and discuss their 1963 Chevy (Chevrolet) Corvette. There are several aspects of this Corvette that make is unique than some that one might see on the street. This car is 1 out of 10,594 Corvettes made in 1963 that have the split window in the back. This was also the only year that Chevy made Corvettes with the split window. Seeing a Corvette like this is rare in itself but owning one is almost unheard of. Craig and Robert purchased this car after it was previously in a wreck and re-built it from the ground up. The headlights on this Corvette also rotate down when not in use and then up when they are on. Sick! This is a true Redskins ride because the color of the car almost matches the color of the Redskins jersey that Thompson is wearing. We love it! We have to thank these two for giving us an exclusive look at their ride. Stay tuned for more Redskins Rides!