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Brendan Haywood Sits Inside of a Mini Cooper

We are back with another Throwback Thursday Clip from Eastern Motors. This week, we have Brendan Haywood who is a former center for the Washington Wizards. Easterns built a great relationship with Haywood during his time because not only was he local, but he accomplished great milestones with the Wizards. Being that Easterns has always been a big supporter of all the teams and players in the area, they thought that Haywood would be a great addition to the Easterns family.

Haywood?s 7 ft height was always a physical feature that he to use to his advantage on the basketball court. This didn?t work when he tried to fit inside of a Mini Cooper during his commercial shoot with Easterns. Even though he was able to fit inside the car, he had very little room left to maneuver and be comfortable. The car salesmen walked him through the perks of having a Mini Cooper such as great gas mileage, tax breaks on emissions, and the affordable price tag. However, even these great perks couldn?t prevent Haywood from saying that he needed a car that was better for his size. After searching the dealership, he found a Cadillac Escalade that fit him comfortably. It?s great for customers to see that Easters has cars, trucks, and SUVs that fit everyone?s size and budget.