Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors Commercial w/ Larry Michael (The Voice of the Washington Redskins)

It?s that time of the week again! It?s time for our Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week from Easterns Automotive Group. This commercial clip includes someone with a very special voice in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community. Larry Michael, also known as ?The Voice of the Washington Redskins? has one of the most distinct voices that you could ever hear. Since the Redskins hired him in 2005, Michael has been a household name to fans of the team throughout the area. The fact that he was a native of the area, growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland only made people love him more. As a broadcaster, Larry has always done a good job of carving out a lane for himself setting himself apart from the competition. Easterns has always had a great relationship with the Redskins organization as well as the players individually. Everyone thought that it would be a great idea for Easterns and Michael to team up to create magic. The voice of Larry Michael has credibility so by him discussing Easterns and what they bring to the automotive industry in the DMV area was brilliant. Typically Easterns commercials are funny and silly but this time Michael added a sense of seriousness to the brand to convey the message that Easterns is really a quality brand that is breaking barriers in the community. Watch the commercial clip below, Enjoy!