Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors Jingle Commercial w/ Ray Lewis, LaVar Arrington, and Clinton Portis

This week we have a special Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week from Easterns. This clip is a jingle commercial that was shot back in 2007 starring Ray Lewis, LaVar Arrington, and Clinton Portis. This is single-handedly the most well known Easterns commercial to date having over one million combined views on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. During the time that the commercial was filmed, both Arrington and Portis were playing for the Washington Ravens while Ray Lewis was playing for the Baltimore Ravens. These three coming together was a perfect way to unify the DC, Maryland, and Virginia community by highlighting players from both teams to come together to sing along, have fun, and represent a great brand. Easterns was one of the very first used car dealers both locally and nationally to have professional athletes in their commercials singing and dancing. These commercials because a part of people?s lives because it was one of the very few times that they were able to see some of their favorite athletes out of their normal serious and stern football characters. Many brands and companies have been influenced by marketing behind Easterns because they finally saw something that worked. We hope that you enjoy this clip! Feel free to sing along.