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Alfred Morris Eastern Motors Commercial

Easterns Automotive Group is back again this week with another Throwback Thursday clip of the week. In this commercial clip, Alfred Morris got his groove on and sang along with the notorious Easterns jingle. Alfred Morris played in the NFL as a running back with the Washington Redskins from 2012 until 2015. During his time playing, Easterns thought that he would make a good fit to be a part of their movement. This ended up being a smart choice because Morris was able to bring a sense of humor and fun to the Easterns brand. Most athletes don?t like to put that much flavor into their jingle and add funny dance moves but Morris did just that. He knew just how to make his commercial memorable. His impressive dance moves definitely stole the show because he made the Easterns jingle his own. The Easterns jingle commercials provide fans with a glimpse of some of their favorite players off the field. It?s hard to tell a player?s personality on the field but when you get them off the field you can see exactly who they are. People definitely enjoyed seeing Morris in another light.

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