Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors Jingle Commercial w/ Gilbert Gottfried and Brian Orakpo

It?s time for the Throwback Thursday clip of the week! This week, we have a throwback commercial of Gilbert Gottfried and Brian Orakpo. Gilbert Gottfried is both an actor and comedian that is most notable for his sketches on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and his roles in movies such as Problem Child, Problem Child 2, Aladdin. Beverly Hills Cop II, and Dr. Dolittle. At one point, he was also a regular on the television show Hollywood Squares. In addition, Gilbert has had several voice over roles in cartoons, television, movies, and even video games. The voice of Gilbert Gottfried is truly one of a kind so it?s only right that he come on board to have some fun with Eastern Motors. He was joined by Brian Orakpo who was playing for the Washington Redskins during the time of the shoot. These two had great chemistry on screen and gave the audience the perfect balance of funny and cool. There were nonstop laughs on set even in between filming. The Easterns jingle always allows people to loosen up, have fun, and add their own personal flavor to it.

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