Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Eastern Motors commercial w/ Jason Campbell, Willis McGahee, Santana Moss, & Chief Zee

Over the years, Eastern Motors has been known for their various commercials and collaborations with the players of the Redskins. This particular clip was no different. In this TBT clip, Easterns introduces the now former Washington Redskins players to their audience by giving them each special nicknames. The nicknames were as follows: ?The Transformer? (Antwaan Randel El), ?The Maestro? (Jason Campbell), ?Trouble?(Willis McGahee), ?The Moss Factor ?(Santana Moss), and ?The Chief? (Chief Zee). The commercial shows all of the guys walking up and getting into cars from Eastern Motors. It was great to show that Easterns is a lifestyle and that they have vehicles of all different makes, sizes, and prices to accommodate everyone no matter your financial status. The custom Easterns jerseys worn in this clip by guys are currently framed and hanging in the Easterns Automotive Group corporate office in Sterling, VA. They will forever be a part of the Easterns history. Last year in 2016, Chief Zee passed away so the Easterns decided to post a special message for his fans, friends, and family to let them know how much he was loved, appreciated, and respected by everyone in the Easterns family.

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