Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Easterns Training Camp (Day 6) with LaVar Arrington, Carlos Rogers, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor

Easterns is a company known for their transparency along with the open and honest communication with customers. Robert Bassam built Easterns Automotive Group on the foundation of providing any and all customers with excellent customer service in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. In this Throwback Thursday clip of the week, two Easterns employees are shown telling customers the word ?no?. Then they are both put in a headlock and told to never tell a customer ?no? at Easterns. It is great to see how important Easterns treats customer service! If you are looking for a car dealer that will always go above and beyond, Easterns is the right choice! Easterns is clearly the best branch of car dealerships in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) community.

Clinton Portis Commercial | Eastern Motors Commercials | Training Day

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