Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Easterns Training Camp (Day 3) with LaVar Arrington, Carlos Rogers, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor

In this funny clip, Sean Taylor is seen tackling a car salesman. He then proceeds to stress the importance of customer care. At Eastern Motors (Easterns Automotive Group), the customers are the number one and top priority. It was truly refreshing to watch Sean Taylor in this clip because as most know he passed away back in 2007. Though the clip was funny, it was also informative about the Easterns brand. There isn?t much footage of Sean off the field so this is definitely a rare gem. We are sure that both fans of Sean Taylor and the Washington Redskins will fall in love with this skit. On behalf of Easterns Automotive Group, we continue to send our love, prayers, and condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Sean Taylor. As a company, Easterns will continue to praise his good work.

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