Throwback Thursday Clip of the Week ? Easterns Training Camp (Day 1) with LaVar Arrington, Carlos Rogers, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor

It is clear to say that starting in the 2000s, Eastern Motors became a phenomenon. Rarely do you see a branch of car dealerships become a household name both locally and nationally. Easterns had the ability to do what most brands and companies couldn?t. They are most known for their catchy jingle and hilarious commercials with celebrities and major sports players. The Easterns Training Camp series is a compilation of skits and comedic monologues staring LaVar Arrington, Carlos Rogers, Clinton Portis, and Sean Taylor all formerly of the Washington Redskins. All players were playing for the Washington Redskins when this was recorded. Eastern Motors nicknamed these guys according to their role in each skit. LaVar Arrington aka ?The Enforcer?, Clinton Portis aka ?The Predator?, Carlos Rogers aka ?The Interceptor?, and Sean Taylor ?The Punisher?. In Day 1 of the training camp, the guys are seen talking about whooping the new trainees into shape on behalf of Easterns. As most know, Sean Taylor is no longer with us so we continue to send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to his family, friends, and fans. The legacy of Sean Taylor will live on forever and he will always have a special part in the hearts of everyone.