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Helping Hands Operation Renewed Hope Foundation
On this Helping Hands segment with 7 News, we wanted to help such a fantastic cause by donating $2,000 to support those who have selflessly served this country.
In partnership with 7News, Easterns' latest Helping Hands surprise donation went to a nonprofit called Aaliyah in Action to assist mothers who have lost a child at birth.
On this segment of Helping Hands with ABC 7, we were moved by the hard work Homes Not Borders has put into making sure families seekng asylum in the U.S. are comfortable in their new homes.
As children begin to make it back to school after a challenging year, we surprised Prince George's County families with something special to help kick off the school year.
first community enrichment helping hands
We had an exciting surprise for Fountain Community Enrichment on this Helping Hands with 7News. They have been providing food for those in need since the pandemic began.
Helping Hands
Helen Zurita has been a lifesaver for her Manassas community. She has been working tirelessly to feed those in need and save the homes of others. On this Helping Hands with ABC 7, we surprised her with $2,000 to continue helping others.
The Open Goal Project creates opportunities for young players from underserved communities to showcase their skills and play competitive soccer. Inspired by what they are doing in our community, on this Helping Hands we surprised them with $2,000 to continue helping other kids doing what they love most!
Easterns' latest Helping Hands surprise donation, created in partnership with 7News, went to Be The Good Project, a non-profit that helps to feed the homeless and families in underserved communities.
An Arlington superwoman named Mariflor Ventura helps her community with food, toiletries, and everyday items right from her home. On this Helping Hands segment partnered with ABC 7, we surprised her with $2,000 to continue their fantastic work in her neighborhood.
"Small Things Matter" is a teen-led effort committed to helping others in need. On this #HelpingHands segment partnered with ABC 7, we surprised them with a $2,000 donation to continue their extraordinary efforts.
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