How to Choose a Car

In this video, Joel Bassam, the Director of Marketing for Easterns Automotive Group, discusses what every consumer should consider when preparing to purchase a new car. How can you choose the right car? You should always choose the right car that fits your budget and your family’s needs. While some people are concerned about picking the wrong manufacturer or car, modern technology has come so far that most “lemons” no longer exist. Every vehicle made today is built really well. Beyond getting the safest and highest quality cars, consumers are also getting access to protection plans that are the most comprehensive available. Our advice is always to “sweat the little stuff,” and always take time to test drive the car and consider the little things. To choose the right car, select a vehicle you are willing to spend time in day after day.

Assess Your Needs

Choosing the right car is unique to you and your families needs and what you expect from a car. So regardless of meeting a new family need, buying your dream car or upgrading your ride here are some simple and real-world tings to pay attention to:

  • How many adults and/or kids are going to regularly ride in the car?
  • What type of driving do you do? (Highway, City or Country Roads)
  • Is gas efficiency a must have because of a long commute?
  • Do you need all-wheel drive?
  • What features are must-have? (Backup camera, leather seats, Sun Roof, etc.)
  • How much cargo space do you need?
  • Will you be using car seats?
  • Do you need the ability to tow?
  • Do you have limited parking space? (Height and Width)

Set Your Budget

A vast majority of people are going to finance their next car. Determining how much can you afford to allocate toward a car payment each month is key? Knowing your ideal monthly budget beforehand will help you when shopping for next car or truck buy using a dealers Digital Retailing Tools.

If you’re not sure how to get an estimate of you monthly payments by looking at the retail price of a car you can use a car payment calculator to start the process.

Car Payment Calculator

Decide If You Want to Lease or Buy

Did you know you can now Lease a Used Car? Leasing and buying each have pros and cons. You can read more about those differences here:

Shop For Your Next Car

Shop from over 1000 cars, trucks and SUVs on our website and you can be confident with our One Price Promise.

Set Up a Test Drive

Now that you've found a car that is a good fit for you and your family, call, text or email to schedule a day and time for a test drive. By making a test-drive appointment you ensure that the car will be waiting for you when you arrive.

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