Safe Fall Driving
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Fall Driving Safety Tips

Brought to you by Easterns Automotive

It's that time of year. Fall is on its way. The season is a favorite for many - with the beautiful foliage, the break from scorching hot weather, pumpkins-everything, fresh apples, and more! As each season poses its own driving hazards, the Fall certainly has a few. That's why, here at Easterns, we are pleased to present to our customers some tips on how to stay safe on the road this Fall.

Sun Glare can be Scary

As the sun sets earlier, you may find yourself dealing with some tough sin glare in the Fall. The first half hour or so after sunrise and before sunset can present almost blinding conditions. A clean windshield will help a lot, and having a pair of sunglasses is helpful.

Be a Smart Driver in the Rain

Many regions see a lot of rain in the Fall. While most drivers may dismiss the danger of driving in the rain, it is worth giving a little extra precaution. Stay a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Wet roads can be slippery, causing a delayed brake time. Also, be aware of the possibility of hydroplaning. It's hard to determine the depth of standing water, so slowing down is your best bet.

Be Careful of an Early Freeze

That first freeze can occur any time in late Fall. Especially first thing in the morning before it has warmed up, take some extra caution in case of patches of ice. We all know about the dangers of black ice, it's there, but can't be seen! Also, keep in mind that bridges freeze quicker, so take it easy while crossing.

Leaves on the Roadway

As the leaves begin to fall in mass, you will encounter a solid coating on the road. When the leaves get wet, they can sometimes be as slippery as ice! So, remember, never slam your brakes while going through leaves. Drive slowly, and if they are covering the center line, use extra caution while going by an oncoming car.

Lookout for Deer

A deer collision can cause severe damage to your car, as well as the deer. But it can also cause injury to you or your passengers. Autumn is the beginning of deer breeding season, meaning they will be out an active, particularly around dusk and sunrise. That's why it is key to avoid distracted driving at all times. If your full attention is on the road, you may catch sight of the deer early, and have time to brake.

Make sure you have a Reliable Vehicle

Fall is the time to handle any issues with your vehicle. The last thing you want is to end up breaking down in the dead of winter. You can start by doing some easy tasks yourself, if you feel comfortable. Check your tire pressure and take a look at your tire tread. Is it time for new tires? How do your windshield wipers handle a heavy rain? Do they need to be replaced?

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