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On this Pay It Forward partnered with Fox 5, we wanted to honor SMYAL's dedication to the youth of the LGBTQ+ community by donating $2,000 towards their mission!
Get Up Give Back KindWorks
We're always looking for ways to Give Back to our community, and we've partnered with WUSA9 to recognize KindWorks, a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire action for a kinder world.
The Pay It Forward initiative partners FOX 5 News with Easterns Automotive Group, and this time, we teamed up to surprise Pastor Robbie Pruitt, who started what he calls "bike ministry," where he is determined to help change lives one bicycle at a time!
An Arlington superwoman named Mariflor Ventura helps her community with food, toiletries, and everyday items right from her home. On this Helping Hands segment partnered with ABC 7, we surprised her with $2,000 to continue their fantastic work in her neighborhood.
"Small Things Matter" is a teen-led effort committed to helping others in need. On this #HelpingHands segment partnered with ABC 7, we surprised them with a $2,000 donation to continue their extraordinary efforts.
ABC7 and Easterns Automotive Group team up on this Helping Hands segment to surprise Francis on the Hill, a non-profit dedicated to supporting children and families in the Columbia Heights neighborhood with fresh groceries and clothing. #ABC7 #HelpingHands
On this segment of Pay It Forward, we surprised the staff of Longview School with bags filled with products from women-owned businesses to say thank you during this worldwide crisis.
Women Giving Back is a non-profit that helps women and children in crisis by giving clothes and everyday necessities at no cost. On this segment of Helping Hands partnered with ABC 7, we surprised them with $2,000, so they can continue to do amazing things in our community!
On this segment of Road to a Better community with WUSA 9 , Easterns Automotive Group surprise Allison McNair, the founder of Perfect Inc, with $2,000 to help them continue to help women rebuild their lives!
Blown away by these parents stepping up to help others in need, on this segment of ABC 7's Helping Hands, Easterns Automotive Group surprised them with $1,500, so they can continue to help families in their community.