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Mother?s Day is just around the corner! This is a special time of the year for mothers across the world to be recognized, appreciated, and celebrated for all of their hard work. Being a mother is a hard job but being a mother in the military is another level of difficulty. Fox 5 DC captured a very special moment last month when they followed Shadia Everett of Fairfax County, Virginia to surprise her son, James at his school.
Easterns and WUSA 9 are back! They pair recently joined forces to do a brand segment of their Road to a Better Community series. It was important for them to end the month of April on a positive yet inspirational note. Both were able to accomplish this by finding and highlighting Laurel Advocacy & Referral Services, Inc (LARS).
Easterns and Fox 5 DC are still on their mission to Pay It Forward to deserving people who are committed to working selflessly to help others and better the community. This week, Prince George?s County resident, Charlene McCall is being highlighted for her efforts. McCall has been volunteering for the Fuller Center for Housing in Brentwood, Maryland for 23 years.
With the FCPA being a not-for-profit organization, it relies on donations to continue to help the men and women of the Fairfax County Police Department and the communities that they serve. The donations received make it possible for them to continue bringing people in the communities together along with promoting positivity and kindness. Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing at Easterns, presented the FCPA with a donation of $1,000
The government shutdown affected hundreds of thousands of people back in January. Many families suffered during this time because federal workers were not getting paid. Without pay it makes it very hard to provide basic necessities such as food. Prince William County teen resident, Eric McKay stepped up to the plate and donated his lifetime supply of peanut butter to furloughed government workers. McKay suffers from Autism but everyday he chooses to fight through his obstacles like a champ and find ways to impact the lives of others.
Easterns Automotive Group has been on a roll with WUSA 9 for their series, Road to a Better Community. The goal of the series is to empower nonprofits and various individuals who are going above and beyond to bring the community together. This week, the two came together to highlight The Miracle Foundation
It is very hard to find kind people in this world who don?t turn a blind eye to situations that do not directly affect them.? A good Samaritan in Washington D.C. by the name of Donnita Scott was with Jacqueline Elliott in late February.? The two witnessed a man steal a car with a child inside. Both Scott and Elliott wasted no time telling Richardson to get into their car so that they could follow the carjacker.? Shortly after they dialed 911, Walker pulled over and escaped
Easterns Automotive Group is back at it with WUSA 9 for their Road to a Better Community segment. The pair is extremely committed to highlighting those in the area who are choosing to promote positivity and unity. One nonprofit organization who is doing this very well is the Metropolitan Tennis & Education Group (MTEG).
Thanks to the amazing folks over at WSUA 9, Easterns Automotive Group was able to be a part of a great cause.? The Suited for Change nonprofit is a wonderful Washington D.C. based organization founded in 1992 that empowers women and encourages them to reach their full potential in life.? They help low income women in need of professional clothing attire as they enter the workforce.
The winter months are definitely upon us here in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. We have experienced bitter cold temperatures accompanied by freezing rain and snow just within the last couple of weeks. Many people have the luxury of traveling to work in a warm car only to arrive to a home filled with heat, blankets, and warm clothes to be comfortable. A man by the name of Rich Garon is helping those who are homeless in his Woodbridge, Virginia community by helping them stay warm during the winter.
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