Helping Hands: Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities

In 1990, Coach Carter started the organization Student Athletes For Educational Opportunities to help develop skills and provide opportunities for student-athletes in Prince George’s County.

“I started the organization when I was a sophomore in college. I wanted to give high school and college student-athletes a platform to voice issues that impacted their life on and off the playing field,” Coach Carter said.

SAFL isn’t only inspiring kids on the court and the field, he also helps them with their entrepreneurial goals. Easterns Automotive Group heard of the amazing things SAFL was doing and wanted to donate $2,000 to help towards their amazing initiative.

“Oh, it’s definitely going to help out a lot on the day-to-day operations and all the activities we have going on in the community. It’s going to help a lot. Thank you, Easterns Automotive Group!” Coach Carter said.