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Helping Hands: SevaTruck

SevaTruck was started by Sonny Kakar in April 2016 in an effort to reduce hunger in our communities by providing hot, nutritious meals to anyone who needs them. In partnership with food banks, shelters, and nonprofit organizations, SevaTruck provides nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals to address poverty in Washington, D.C. SevaTruck is now in several places across the country, including Michigan and San Francisco, but it originated here in Maryland, and of June 2022, they have served 40,000 meals.

In Hyattsville, Maryland, the truck recently served food to children at Rosa Parks Elementary School. Once the truck arrived at campus, a long line formed. Rhonda Summey Hester, principal of Rosa Parks Elementary School, said the truck has a major impact on the school. “It’s something our families don’t have to think about when they come here every Thursday, and they are able to get a meal and not have to worry about the next meal, ” Hester said. “They can push it a little later.”

Joel Bassam with Easterns Automotive Group was touched by Sonny’s mission to feed children. That’s why 7News Helping Hands surprised Sonny with a donation that will go a long way.

“When we learned about SevaTruck, we had to get involved. It is a truly amazing organization in the way that you are mobile, going where the need is and feeding those in need. You couldn’t do anything better with your time and your efforts,” Bassam said. “We want to support you in your efforts to continue to help feeding those that need it by donating $2,000 to your cause. Continue making lives better, it’s truly an amazing cause.”

Upon receiving the donation, Sonny was astonished and grateful and shared that this donation can buy 1,000 meals.

“This is a community responsibility, not just for me,” Kakar explained. “This is about kids having meals so they can have a productive life.”