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Helping Hands: Old Soldier’s Home Foundation

Pat MacArevey, chair of the Old Soldier’s Home Foundation Board, shared the dedication of their new multi-sport court, which will accommodate pickleball (the fastest growing sport among senior citizens), basketball, and badminton. Their new sports complex is next to their victory garden and outdoor patio for the residents.

“Our mission at the Old Soldier’s Home Foundation is to support residents who live here at the Armed Forces Retirement Home who have retired as NCOs or who were combat wounded and have the privilege of supporting the men and women here. It’s an incredible honor for us, the Foundation,” MacArevey said.

The Old Soldier’s home relies on donations, and every little bit helps. That is why on this Helping Hands with ABC7 News we wanted to surprise them with something special.

“The Old Soldier’s Home Foundation does such an incredible job supporting those who help protect our country in times of need and those who served it so honorably. We want to help continue to help those people by donating $2,000 to the Old Soldier’s Home Foundation so you can continue to make improvements and improve the lives of those who so bravely served,” said Joel Bassam, President of Easterns Automotive Group.