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We are always looking to add excited and hard working members to our team. Easterns Automotive Group operates a bit differently than most businesses. It is important to us that we have a family dynamic all across the board. We really respect and care about each other individually and as a whole, which in turn makes for a better working environment. To quote Robert Bassam, our founder and CEO, “at Easterns, we hire for life”. We do not look at hiring new employees as a short-term decision. As a company, we invest the same amount as the employee into building a solid trustworthy relationship. Join our family today!

Sales & Management

Being that Easterns is in the automotive industry, sales are a crucial part of our company. Our entry level sales positions are great because they allow employees to grow and get more familiar with the sales process and customer service. Our entire sales management staff is made of previous sales people who grew with the Easterns brand. This should inspire someone just starting out that they too can reach a management position with time, hard work, and dedication. Working at Easterns involves a lot of passion especially because the automotive industry is very competitive. Be persistent! We have other positions outside of sales that are available such as deal preparation and paper work positions.


The massive service facility for Easterns Automotive Group is located in Sterling, Virginia. It is a massive facility responsible for the reconditioning of all Easterns vehicles. This is where each make and model is checked, inspected, and reconditioned in order to be taken to Easterns dealerships. We have many opportunities available from detailing, service and body technicians, and management.

Corporate Office

The Easterns Automotive Group corporate office is located in Sterling, Virginia. This is where the behind the scenes work happens for the Easterns dealership network. The corporate office is essentially what keeps the individual dealerships functioning. We are always looking to expand in the following departments: marketing, human resources (HR), accounting, tag and title, purchasing, IT, legal, and more.

BDC Center

At Easterns Automotive Group corporate facility in Sterling, Virginia, we also have a Business Development Center (BDC). This center is responsible for all incoming and outgoing calls to customers in search of a vehicle. All BDC employees are responsible for keeping in contact and following up with our customers. This is an important part of the sales process. If you have a good speaking voice, great communication skills, and enjoy talking to people then this is the job for you.





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